I love getting to work with new families and this family was no exception!  Super kind family! Miss “A” was full of spunk and so sweet.  It was gorgeous afternoon to chase her around and even have some apples picked from her grandparent’s tree.  The fall light was perfect at their property.  So glad we were able to make the date work. Hope to see you guys soon!

A quick, but fun filled session with the “E” family!  The boys had glitter eyes as they explored through all of the fun holiday décor.  They even had a chance to roast some marshmallows after their session.  I enjoyed catching up with the family, and was so amazed at how much the twins and big brother “T” had grown.  Starting to look like little men!


I had the pleasure of capturing the sweet and gorgeous Lauren for her senior session.  I grew up and went to school with her mom and dad, so it seems unreal that their first born is a senior in high school!

Enjoy the rest of your senior year, Lauren!  Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.  The world is waiting for you!

Be a seeker of the everyday magic.  The imagination of these two little (still little in my eyes) beauties is amazing!  You can see their wheels turn.  “H” and “E” have grown so much since the last time we had a session.   Their mama and I always compare the girls and my boys bc really they have a lot of similarities.  The girls balance each other out, just like “J” and “E”.  I’m glad to say, that even though they have physically grown, they still carry the magic of their imagination. Goofiness is part of the cards.  Nothing is too crazy, and they still hold on to the things that bring them calm and comfort.  Keep it going little ladies!  The world is yours!




I could watch the interactions between these big brothers and their little sis all day!  Miss “C” definitely adds the twinkle and sparkle to the whole family.  Mama always has wardrobe on point and it’s one of my favorite sessions that I look forward to every year!