Be Present and LOVE~2014 Year in Review

So, here we are 23 days into 2015!  I had planned on writing this blog post on January 6th.  January 1st or the end of December would have been better, but I knew I needed to be present during my little break.   Fall and the holidays are always bananas with sessions and making sure everyone gets their galleries and orders on time.   Add in the other things that come with the holidays and my family seems to get a little neglected.   I told myself after I sent my last order and email out, that I was going to be present.  Which for me was to hang out with my husband and boys and really focus on them.  I try to do this everyday no matter what, but I still had a sense of guilt.

January 6th ended up being a snow day, followed by a few more snow days!  Which in my eyes meant it was a sign to not get back to work yet and spend MORE time with my family.  Well, then three new clients entered the world!  Two sessions have taken place and one more today:)!

My husband was amazing at getting the house all decorated and making sure that Santa was getting things done.  My boys were big helpers too- making sure to give me my work time, loading and unloading my car with props, just stopping in my office to say hi and give me hugs.  I say this every year that I’m so grateful that I get to do something I love.  It wouldn’t be possible without the boys in my life.  Oh and the other girl in our family, Quincy, our dog.  She kept me company in my office while I edited away.  Always by my feet.  Letting me know when UPS or Fed Ex was here with client orders.

2014 was my busiest year yet!  It grows a little bit every year.  Thank you to all my clients, new and old, for trusting me to capture your families.  You make it all worth it.  I had so many thoughtful clients this year.  Their words and generous acts of kindness meant so much to me, and often times brought me to tears.  If only the whole world would follow these acts… to just be present and LOVE!

My heart is full and I’m more inspired than ever!  Hoping to see you all again in 2015!  I have a few new things in store for you guys, so stay tuned!  XO

As I do every year- 2014 in review

AND of course, I can’t write this post without sharing my sweet boys annual holiday session.