Birth Story of Tiffany Rose~Loudoun County, VA Birth Photographer

Welcome Earthside, Tiffany Rose!  What a beautiful birth!  Tiffany definitely showed us that birth is so unpredictable, and these little ones will show up when they feel like it. She teased us a little early on May 18th.  I got down to Loudoun with little traffic! I arrived and K was baffled at how she thought for sure she was in labor and then having her contractions slow and little progress.  We walked the halls to get things going and waited.  I went to grab a quick bite and “K” texted that the dr was sending her home.  No clue when this little lady was planning on arriving.  We were told it could be a couple days or that night.  I drove back to Winchester.  The minute I got home and sat down, I got a text from “K” telling me her water broke!!  Jumped back in the car and arrived to “K” definitely in active labor.  Every contraction more beautiful than the last~ well in our eyes! To “K” she probably didn’t think so at the moment;).  “It’s about to get hard, but then it gets beautiful”- Nurse the The Birthing Inn.  What amazing words and so so true!  Welcome to the world little lady!  Mama was a rock star!  Thank you for allowing me to capture the arrival of your little beauty!