Emma~Martinsburg High School Class of 2017~ Martinsburg, WV Senior Photographer

Can I just tell you that I LOVE capturing seniors!  Meet Emma!  My gosh she was a sweetheart.  Such a genuinely gorgeous gal with amazing style.  I love hearing about what these kiddos have planned for their next chapter.  At the same time, I get a little emotional.  These kids aren’t even mine, but I can only imagine the emotions that go through their parent’s hearts.  I could barely handle 5th grade graduation! Phew! Life after high school is a huge milestone.  I have no doubt that Emma is going to pave a wonderful path for herself.  Best wishes to you Emma, and thank you for spending a gorgeous afternoon with me!2016-12-04_00642016-12-04_00362016-12-04_00392016-12-04_00402016-12-04_00412016-12-04_00442016-12-04_00452016-12-04_00462016-12-04_00472016-12-04_00482016-12-04_00492016-12-04_00502016-12-04_00552016-12-04_00672016-12-04_00752016-12-04_00692016-12-04_00682016-12-04_00662016-12-04_00652016-12-04_00632016-12-04_00732016-12-04_00742016-12-04_00762016-12-04_00772016-12-04_00562016-12-04_00572016-12-04_00592016-12-04_0060