Last but Absolutely Not Least

My boys!  I am grateful that they didn’t have to freeze this year because of the milder weather we’ve been having.  That meant not too much whining and no constant demands that I was only allowed to “take just one more”.  I love these boys to pieces and was stuck in the moment while editing.  I get to stare at them without them telling me to stop and I can just hear the laughter of their session.

It was bitter sweet this time around.  I’m not sure why.  They are growing into life filled little individuals and I’m proud but at the same time I got teary eyed because they aren’t babies anymore.  J didn’t flash too many silly faces this time and cooperated extremely well.   E hammed it up with no direction from me.  I was shocked!  Usually it’s me telling them to please not stick their tongue out, please look at me, please act like you like your brother.  Not this time, the requests were minimal.  I just sat back and shot away!

Believe me I was over the moon when I had a chance to sit down and go through their session.   They make my heart so full and their handsome little faces make me sigh.

Happy Holidays!