Let the day go on

Well I’m a day late with my B2E wishes to you for the season.   A day late b/c that evil little bug decided to visit my tummy Christmas Eve into Christmas.    I figured it’s not too late to wish everyone a Happy Holiday or better yet a Happy and Blessed Life.  In my book, the joy of the season should go on.  Not just one month of the year.   I prefer to wish that everyone experiences all of the magical things that the holidays offer through out the year. 

I also like to take this time to look back at all of my wonderful clients who allowed me to capture their little people and wonderful families.   Every year keeps getting busier and busier.   Thank you! 

I am incredibly blessed for my wonderful family.  They are who make it all possible.  The patience and love they still give after I’ve been working constantly never ceases to amaze me.   Sometimes it’s just a minute or in a little bit or how about tomorrow.  They wait patiently no matter how long.  Working from home isn’t easy…it definitely takes longer to get things done.  

May you all have a happy life and when things aren’t so happy the strength, hope and love to bring it back to happy! 

Click the link to see the year in review.

Of course, I have to include the boy’s holiday session pics.  Some of these made it to our holiday card and some did not.   It took a while to pull it all together….try three days but there were extra bribes to made and the most perfect winter sunset.   

  • Megan - January 18, 2011 - 6:37 pm

    Great pictures Kathy! The boys are growing so fast and both are very handsom:-)