The “B” family is finally in their new home! Loved that they wanted to have their session in their gorgeous new home.  Just hang out and go with the flow:)! So much fun, and a nice change from their annual session.   Love capturing a family in their own element.  Lifestyle sessions are definitely something to capture! I was also excited that “J” and “K” decided to join in on this year’s session.  Get in those pics, and have fun with your kiddos! You will never regret it.  Promise!  Congrats again “B” family.  I’m so so happy for you!  Big hugs!2017-01-18_00012017-01-18_00022017-01-18_00032017-01-18_00042017-01-18_00052017-01-18_00062017-01-18_00072017-01-18_00082017-01-18_00092017-01-18_00102017-01-18_00112017-01-18_00122017-01-18_00132017-01-18_00142017-01-18_00152017-01-18_00162017-01-18_00172017-01-18_00182017-01-18_00192017-01-18_00202017-01-18_00212017-01-18_00222017-01-18_00232017-01-18_00242017-01-18_00252017-01-18_00262017-01-18_00272017-01-18_00282017-01-18_00292017-01-18_00302017-01-18_00312017-01-18_00322017-01-18_00332017-01-18_00342017-01-18_00352017-01-18_00362017-01-18_00372017-01-18_00382017-01-18_0039

Hanging out with Liam and his awesome mom the afternoon before Thanksgiving break was a nice change from my holiday rush!  Even more exciting was that this senior session was for a GUY! Liam rocked his session with his unique style! Loved everything about this session.  Such a easy going guy!  I wish you the best Liam!  Especially, tomorrow night at 8:20pm, when his favorite NFL team, the Pittsburgh Steelers, take on the Kansas City Chiefs ;)!


Embrace it and kiss! Or dance or get hot chocolate from a cute little coffee shop….exactly how the “S” family handled the monsoon that showed up out of nowhere!  Thank goodness, we got most of the session taken care of.   Always troopers and always rocking their annual session.  Every. Single. Time.  Love you guys to the moon and back!! Oh and P.S.~ Gabe, you were on point this year!  I think you’ve finally mastered the squat;)!


I LOVE when I get to see the “H” family!  So much fun. I’m sure “J” and “B” find it exhausting, but I love chasing these dapper little guys around.  Their 2 now and on the move.  Personalities have been confirmed.  Master “E” says “I got it” while being my helper…independent guy and encourager for sure to his sidekick.  While Master “S”, observes for a bit and goes with comfort, but making sure he’s the one having fun;)! “J” and “B”-you have your hands full, but you can tell your hearts are fuller!