Perfect Timing~ Northern VA Children’s Photographer

So, I had planned for today to be the day that I finally get to share my boys annual holiday session.  It’s perfect timing, and not so strange that there’s a Christmas theme to their session. Only because it’s SNOWING today!  Yes, it’s snowing, not sticking, but snowing.  It’s soooo cold (cold for me…I do not like the cold at all)- similar to the day I captured their session.  It was the coldest day in December with over 25mph wind gusts.  We all survived in record time- 20 minutes!  The boys told me to always plan it on days like that bc we were done so fast.  I think they are right!

However, the silhouette shots are always shot on a different day.  Too much to do in one afternoon, since I’m very picky about the light and need time to set up.  That day was gorgeous temperature wise, but the sunny days were not what I was hoping for.  I watch the weather for about 2 weeks to make sure there will be some sun to set.  I wait for the perfect sky, and then I have to build/create the lights/props I use.  I settled for this day bc of course I was crunched for time to get the cards designed and ordered and mailed out by Christmas. It worked out, thanks to the ladder giving me more height.  Using the ladder let me shoot a bit past sunset and gave me the blue/black of the night sky.

The boys are getting older now, and still go along with my ideas.  I’m not sure how much longer they will agree to it, but I sure hope it’s forever;)!  Especially, Jacob, you know tweens, middle school, you’re making wear that etc?  Bubby still gives me that huge imagination.  It’s kinda bittersweet to see how differently they think and analyze things.  There’s one where everything is sooo magical. Where the kitchen looks like a tornado came through, bc he wanted to create something. Where it’s so noisy bc he loves to entertain and has so much to say.  Then you have one that is growing into a amazing little man and you talk about the real stuff, but is a little more low key. You know, football stats, history, making good/smart choices?  I love it when he starts to talk to me about sports thinking I’m Joe and then stops midsentence and says “never mind, I thought you were Dad”.  Geez, thanks a lot! I do have to admit, I know a lot about sports now!  Who got traded where and what play that was or what penalty just happened.   We do have great conversations though about life stuff.  He still asks for my opinion about things, and still says yes to working out with me.  I’ll take it! LOVE that they are both do their own things and have their own interests, but still support each other.

Anyways, we were going for a ”reach for the stars” theme and it came out better than I imagined.  I stress out about it every year, but my heart is full when it comes together.  We come up with ideas together. Themes or interests. What’s important and positive?  I try to make sure the boys see the positive in life even if things are not wonderful.  Love, hope, dreams, sharing, how we can help others are all important for character and something we want them to keep in their hearts and minds.  As a family, 2016 was a bit rough and emotional mixed with challenges, but we still reached big goals for such young and old minds alike.

On to 2017! Or the rest of it;)!  XO