Perfect Timing~Loudoun County, VA Family Photographer

I am able to blog the “S” family at perfect timing!  I’m not sure if Jennifer will be able to view these right now but I sure hope so.  I’m sure she’s missing her family as she was away doing something so amazing!

“J” is currently in Haiti, volunteering her breastfeeding expertise to the women of Haiti  as well as teaching other midwives within the program.  She has joined forces with Wendy, a midwife and co-owner for Loudoun Community Midwives, who has been volunteering for the non profit organization, Midwives for Haiti.

I’m sure she is doing an awesome job!  She is sooo good at what she does! I can’t imagine what it would be like without the resources that we have here in the US.  She kept me going and I had a very difficult time nursing both boys.  If you would like to read more about what Midwives for Haiti does or would like to help, you can go to Wendy’s blog here.