Spring Happy

or happy spring!  I’m sooo excited that the first day of spring is here!  I am not a winter person.  Spring makes my soul happy.  It means fresh air, gorgeous green backdrops with pops of budding color and the sun gets to bless us for a much longer duration during the day.  It also means that the “R” family is about to grow or so that’s what it seems every few years;).   “E” and “C” are both April babies so of course baby girl numero tres must follow in her big siblings footsteps.   We are hoping that she arrives when it’s convenient for everyone.  I’m so excited to shoot another “R” birth.   So please little lady arrive within the “perfect” window so your mama doesn’t have to worry about who will make it or not. 

Here’s a SUPER sneak peek since I just happened to get the flu again this season (another reason I’m excited for spring) and it took me a few extra days to get going.   


  • Melissa - March 29, 2011 - 6:41 am

    You did an awesome job as always!