The Photographer’s Angels~ Children’s Photographer

Well, I am finally able to work on pics of my own boys for our annual holiday card!  This is really a message for all of my clients.  I get so many apologies for how their children behave.  No apology necessary!  This is what I have to deal with every year and you thought your kiddos were not cooperating!  It happens to all of us in one way or another.  It keeps it real and fun!

Honestly, I wait for it. I wonder what kind of antics they’ll pull each year. They constantly taunt each other and DO NOT sit still. One of them always has to be picking up the other, tackling the other, jumping on the other, pinching the other and so on.

Therefore, I make the best of it and capture their royal rumbles.  If Joe is with us it’s a SUPER challenge because he just eggs it on.  They call it the worst day of the year.  They get over it and know in the end I’m beyond happy.  To make it fun, they all try and see who can make me lose my patience or start laughing when I’m trying to get them to listen to me.

I just tell myself they’ll  thank me when their older and will appreciate these shots of them being best buds!

Life with boys!   Love it and wouldn’t change anything about it!

Stay tuned! So many shots that I love!